YOU & ME - Episode #01

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This is an animation based on a comic strip series I made several years ago.

It's about a young couple dealing wiith everyday issues just as you would in real life.. almost!

Thanks to the pople behind the voices in this episode:
Ian Pabito - http://communistmormon.newgrounds.com/
Jenni Nexus - https://jenninexus.newgrounds.com/
WhiteKnave2 - http://whiteknave2.newgrounds.com/

Please visit my Facebookpage:

Thanks to NCS and ZAZAs with "Be Together".

Special thanks to my family and friends.

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Just watched your other cartoon, this one is a bit funnier but hearing this one as well I think you could use a better female voice actor. Just tryna help I hope the advice isn't annoying lol.

CreativeFosse responds:

Thanks for your feedback, StephenHutchins.

The female voice actor did deliver different variations of voices that she does, but in my head the voice that is used for the female character really fit the personality of the character.
So the female voice actor (or actress) is not to blame for this "bad" voice as the choice of using her voice in this way is totally mine.

I appreciate your opinion and your feedback on your point of view (I really do) but in my head the voice works well with the female character (there will be more intence voice acting in future episodes that hopefully will release the unknown levels of what this voice is capable of).

Anyway, thanks again for your feeback. It really matters to me.

Enjoy your day.


CreativeFosse responds: