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Friendship Is Madness

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The easy way will deal shortly with enemies, without spending time for friendship

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vlad, why did you do this? you've just brought every single brony on this god-damned site into one place to conjugate. it's not good.
look, the animation is okay, but everything else? pretty bad.
also if i sound edgier that i usually do it's because i'm tired

Rainbow Dash with Desert Eagle, and FN FIVESEVEN And Later with a Megachette.
Anyway Nice Movie ("Go Get them Girl").

Dear Princess Celestia, today i learned that the best way to solve the problems of Changelings is to simply grab something heavy, something that cut things and a glock 17, your trully, Rainbow Dash

PS: Also i killed Queen Chrysalis, so where's my seat for being the princess of Equestria?

Honestly if gratuitous violence was allowed in the show, I am more than sure they would have ended every conflict a whole lot faster.

That was certainly interesting. I wanted it to be longer. I just didn't like seeing the characters bipedal. I guess it's hard to combine the two. Well, anything can be done well. I bet the Changelings probably do have green blood.

It's at least a pretty original idea. It's fairly obvious. I was just watching MLP. Wait, I'm always doing that. I was watching it with the Changelings!