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What If

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A girl learns to believe in herself and to follow her dream! JUST WATCH IT !!! (critiques would be great).

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Bravo!!! This is so beautiful yet so true, very well done.

ReyaneAshtar responds:

haha thank you!

Now this was amazing!!!!!!!!!
Gotta love those beautiful messages.
Though how did I already guess Miyazaki was one of your inspirations?

ReyaneAshtar responds:

Thank you!! and Yes definitely!! lol!! My biggest inspiration is Hayao Miyazaki when it comes to animation!! :)))

Pretty good animation with an awesome message :)

ReyaneAshtar responds:


believing is the key and i think it's better if someone believes in you too, and i do, and not just me, looking at the comments below, i think those kids encouraged you in expressing your talent and that is great . The story telling is good, it would have been better with some few adjustments, but it's understandable, you did this all by yourself from what i've seen,most of the voices were done by you, anyway, when they make animation there is more people in the proccess, so it's pretty great actually, at least for me, it was like i was watching a scene from an anime, by the way, i can't believe a little girl would ever say "do i really need education?",that girl just knows what she wants! did this really happened? by the way, there is so much you can improve, If the animation would have been more complex and more "animu" it would have done the trick, like i was watching for the first time an anime about a girl who wants her dreams to become reality.

ReyaneAshtar responds:

Hahah.. my little friend said that! I told her to say it because I thought it would be a funny joke...(btw, I can never make my animation seem more "humorous" but ehhh, I guess this animation was to get a message across more)... Anyway, thank you so much! I totally agree that if I had a team of animators and a range of voice actors to create a more detailed animation, it would have been more detailed and interesting. However, I'm just glad I got the message across! Just believe in yourself and you can slowly build yourself with support from others too!

This touched me in such a deep way. I gave up on my art during high school because my dad told me that I wouldn't go anywhere. I have been trying to pick it back up, but sometimes I still hear it in my head. "Dreams are just that, dreams. Wake up." This is such an inspiring short film; the animation is fluid, the voices were well recorded, and the story was amazing. You didn't have a lot of details but that comes with practice, the important part is that you got the point across. Well done!

ReyaneAshtar responds:

Thank you! I totally get the "no support from the parent" aspect. I remember my mom saying the same thing- to not major in art because artists don't get good money like doctors and lawyers. Anyway....Even though I didn't have a team of animators and voice actors to create a more detailed animation, I'm glad I got the message across. Just believe in yourself and you can achieve success.