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An old untold tale of ancient mythical villages of AFRICA and the gods that created and rule over them.
Hope you enjoy the narrative story telling introduction to this really cool story.
Behind the scenes and concept art works and more are on the IG and FB pages below. Support us by following any. Thanks in advance.

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From the artwork to the storyline itself, you have something really good here. The voice acting is well spoken and sync'ed (as they like to call it) well. Most of the kinds of things that would be debatable would be more about style than anything, so nitpicking at most...
I do have a couple little things to point out, so take them as suggestions. In animation, a cornerstone of what draws attention and viewers to return to see your work is consistency. It's a lot like any other storytelling medium in that, when you watch any particular style or genre, you automatically make certain assumptions about what you are going to see and what those things mean. Quentin Tarantino = lots of gore, violence, offensive language = fun and comedy, for instance...
What we see here is animated in a hybrid between comic book slide show and authentic cartoon work. Now, while there's no problem with it, you might consider decisions that draw further into "anime" works along with it. Too many things injected into the hybrid style and you can easily create a busy monster that starts distracting instead of drawing attention to the story. I would recommend maybe slowing the fight-scene pace just a bit and avoiding too much in the special effects.
Here's why... What you're telling is an "old tale" or "folk tale" a relative of the ancient legend and lore genre. Such tales tend to be best when kept relatively simple, so for most audiences, Simple=profound=meaningful... Does that make sense?
All in all, you've got a really cool story. You've built the characters with background and paid plenty of attention to the details of their motivations. It's certainly worth looking for the next episode, so this isn't to take away from any of that. I just think (honestly) you might add something more to the whole project if there weren't flashy energy balls and explosions and super-sonic martial arts antics... It's an old fashioned story from an ancient and tribal style of doing things. Maybe showing the kinds of fighting styles from Africa (and there are quite a few) would add more than kick-boxing or kung-fu...
Of course, it does spill into myth and magic at least a bit, so if that's you're intent... It is your story to tell... So take a moment to relax, remember to breathe, and keep on keeping on... You'll do fine.

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GCCStudios responds:

thank you for your review and suggestions. For the things we were not able to have noticed are now made clear, especially on the consistency aspect of the animation and the nature of the narration structure. We will work on the mentioned aspects as we continue exploring more profound ways of making a less distracting animation. Thanks again Maddude13pt2.

Pretty interesting story so far, enough to where I wanted to finish watching the whole thing, so the storytelling was pretty proficient. I'll definitely keep an eye out for part 2.

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GCCStudios responds:

thank you @screen123 we are currently working on part 2 and it's going to be twice as awesome

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Feb 8, 2017
3:54 AM EST