Animation vs you(the viewer)

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Hey, this is fan made. I hope you enjoyed this video.
Here is a thought, In the video, there is no way i couldn't have gotten the youtube link right, So i wonder, where does the link actually lead? oh, you were hoping i'd type it down for you, sorry life is not that easy, And when you do find out, don't spoil it for others.
This video took me 3 months to complete, (you can actually see on the bottom right when i took the screen shot).

If you want to learn how to make animations like this, Alan becker will be your teacher: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-bOh8btec4D7n9gOqkIdmnPgOXKrqkfy
(that is how i learnt. he is an awesome guy)

all sounds were from freesounds.org, under the creative commons license

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pretty good but the animation wasn't a clear and as smooth as the actual one. good job tho

Amazing, but it just didn't hit the spot. It's a bit weird, but still amazing. 4/5 stars to you.
If you keep up the good work, I think you can get real good.

awesomea900 responds:

Thank you for responsing.
if you could tell me in what ways it didn't hit the spot, that would be very appreciated!

some notes that i took down from other people, is that:
the sound effects, weren't great quality or poorly timed.
Some moments were a little too slow

Anyway, thanks again! i'll keep working

Hey super well done with this! You really stayed true to Alan's style. I guess it helps to learn from the legend himself! :)

Your animation was really well timed, and the ideas worked well together. You have the principals down pretty well, I think. In particular, I really loved your use of the subscriber count for the ammo, haha. That was awesome!
I also thought the audio was fine, mostly because that's how Alan's original videos sounded. It just made it fit that much better alongside the collection. Check your audio export settings in Flash though, because I think people would receive it better if at least the music was clear. No worries.

Anyway, if you practice more with blocking out animations (like the walk animation) and paid attention to fine details within the animation style, you'll be all set for your future projects and studies!

Keep up the awesome work! :D (As a side note, the link got me good - it's been a while haha!)

awesomea900 responds:

Many thanks! i will try to get better.

lol sorry that i got you with the link, thanks for being a good sport.

The sound effects are eh, but why you gotta roll me like that?!

awesomea900 responds:

yeah i don't know what happened with the sound effects, i used 44k raw stereo. Is the the quality of the sound effects or does it feel like it is misplaced?

And did you actually type of the link? lol i did not think anyone would do it so that is why i used that link. Thanks for being a good sport.

Wow, super old school. Not bad though :)

awesomea900 responds:


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Feb 1, 2017
7:28 AM EST