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Kingdom Bros

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Over a year in the making, this huge-ass animation is finally finished!

Strap yourself in kids, it's gonna be a long one.

Special thanks to TrueStorySeamus and Brett Crumb for voicing in this animation! Check them out here:

- https://www.youtube.com/user/TrueStorySeamus
- https://www.facebook.com/MrBrettCrumb/?__mref=message_bubble

Also a big thanks to Jam2995, who kindly let me use his rock rendition of the Gummi Ship music. You can check his stuff out here:

- https://www.youtube.com/user/jam2995

Look for me on Twitter for updates on future stuff


Hope you enjoyed it!


Man, this hit all the right buttons nostalgia-wise, both for KH and for the Awesome-series styling. I was a little worried when I saw it was 12min long, but you kept the pacing up pretty well throughout, so good job on that! I feel like the "anime realization face" joke (1:13, 6:25, for example) was a bit overused at times. Also the reliance of super epic music, but I fucking love ridiculous super epic music so that gets a free pass (I lost it with the anabolic steroids montage). Keep up the good work!

Brojack responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it! A lot of work went into this bitch of an animation.
I also kind of had this horrible feeling as soon as I realized it was 12 minutes long - 'no one's gonna want to watch this!'. Seems like it's doing okay though.

Overused jokes are definitely a weakness of this one, I'm with you there. I'll try and add a bit more variety in future.

I see the protege of Ego Raptor in this one. Not bad man, I've never played Kingdom Hearts but I have a feeling you nailed the general frustrations. The audio, voice acting, and a cohesive style were all there, I feel like your drawing could be slightly improved and I only say so due to the scenes where the characters are completely devoid of movement. I gave you a 5 due to the amount of time you must've spent on this, I hope to see more of your work.

Brojack responds:

Really kind of you to say all that! This is probably less about the actual game and more about the kind of stupid crap I find funny. I agree with you about the drawing, during certain dialogue bits I definitely cut down on the animation, but that's purely to keep the project rolling at a good speed without adding too much fancy movement which probably wouldn't add much to the quality. Thanks for the review!

It doesn't matter if it's like Egoraptor or not. When Egoraptor is too busy to be Egoraptor we need more of them. Length wise people shouldnt really complain...animation takes time....especially if you are doing it by yourself. If you keep animating you will get better too then the Bro series will be complete. Until then keep up the good work c:

Brojack responds:

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it. I miss the old Ego animations too.

Totally getting an Egoraptor feel from this, I LOVE Egoraptor and Kingdom hearts.

Brojack responds:

Thanks! Definitely not deliberately aiming to be like Egoraptor, guess that's just how my style's come to be. Glad you enjoyed it!

Its very Awesome-centrique, and I love the voice acting. you guys did an excellent job with this. Cant wait for more!

Brojack responds:

Thanks! My stuff's often compared to Egoraptor, which I guess I take as a compliment. I'll try and keep it up!

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3.13 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2017
5:06 PM EST
Comedy - Parody