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Yes, we know there are a bunch of Mario collab cartoons. We wanted to add to it. In our own little styles. So hope you enjoy our silly creations.
And remember." PASTA POWER!"

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this deserves front page wtf why didn't it?

kalabor106 responds:

January 23, 2017
It did but glad you would stand up for it. Means a lot ;)

I loved the humor and the animation. I loved it. Keep being awesome, guys.

This is good but there is huge problem with this guys. And it is your fault. The sound level is different between the movies and that makes it unpleasant to turn the voulume up and down manually. Also the sound in the movies was kinda unbalanced too. You need to use some volume automation and compression on the voice before inserting it into the movie. So the voice would not lost behind the music.

Other than that it was very good animation. Even tho I hate Mario and prefer that there were Mario deaths instead, I admit this was very good done.

Do LOZ. As in no one give a shit about you Zelda, do Link.

This is quite possibly the worst collab I've ever seen on this website, bar none.
And I've been on Newgrounds since 2001 (despite using a new account).

First off, the art and animation are beyond half-assed, even for a NewGrounds upload. It's stuff you'd see not even a child with brain damage learning how to use Adobe Flash would make. Everything looks horribly off-centre, zero consistency, and all-around too ugly to even look at.

Second, the humour is so one-dimensional to the point of being completely absent. This is listed under "Comedy-Parody", but literally these shorts just end abruptly before whatever instance of a punchline is suppose to make me laugh in any way. And what's already presented to me has no flavour to it whatsoever. It's random bullshit that ends with random bullshit.... where's the laugh?

And finally, there is no inkling of originality in this shitfest. If you're going to do humour like this, at lease try to not do stuff that many others has done too much in the past. It makes you look childish and desperate without any shame.

Zero stars. Nothing was good here, in my opinion, you need to try again.

kalabor106 responds:

Someone needs a hug.

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3.19 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2017
4:47 AM EST
Comedy - Parody