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Retro Maniac (Pixel Day)

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Youtube Version

EDIT: Removed two sound effects at the begining due to copyright, (NB: the changes haven't refelected yet, if by tomorrow i am unable to sort it out, i may unublish the video to try and fix it)

Happy Pixel Day
For pixel day i decided to make an animation with my favourite bits from games i liked as a kid.

I kept it very short cause i had just one week to pixelday when i decided to make it

Games Referenced
Sunset Riders
Kung Fu
Streets of Rage | Bareknuckle
Double Dragon

PS. For anyone who was following, i am still making the "late" 2016 robotday animation

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Well, we were aiming for original content, not characters from games, and the music used in this is kinda copyrighted and not credited in the credits, as far as I know. :/ Credits are important, always, but even then, can't use music from games. The 3D was okay but...needs work, and it was a bit short and...I can't say I enjoyed it personally...I'm sorry. :c I'll have to disqualify this for stolen music and referring to copyrighted characters...sorry.

I appreciate you contributing to the holiday though, makes me happy that people do. Keep workin hard and keep improvin, never give up and keep goin doing what you love! :)

JoshuaCrown responds:

Thank you for the honest review

About the Characters
Sorry about that, i realised a little late that i needed original characters and knew i would be disqualified. i didn't realise tagging it with pixelday would make you still have to review it, sorry.

For the Music
The two songs i used were from Opengameart under the creative commons Zero (cc0) license which does not require attribution.
I still tried to attributed them but had trouble finding the links(songs) again

But if you meant the contra and sunset riders sound effects at the start, again my sincere apologies for that, i was trying to use them as easter egg references to their respective games, but i will edit them out and update the movie file.
Thank you for warning me

About the 3D
This was my first time trying pixel art so i agree that i still need a lot of practise and improvement. Thanks for pointing it out.

No need to apologise it is fine :D

And thank you so much for the encouraging words at the end

Very nice.
The Kung Fu leg sweep had me rolling.

JoshuaCrown responds:

hahaha thanks