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Dug out of my archives for everyone to see, now that I don't have a place to host it anymore - behold Dan Dan Revolution. The controls are fairly simple, just hit the arrow key (or letter A) when the matching symbol hits the center of the blue box in the top left of the screen. Ignore the "Give these people no credit" notice, This thing's old and I've since migrated to Mac OS X and lost some of the older fonts I used here, so republishing it would make half of the text magically dissapear. Updated - The special secret bonus is for clearing (i think) 21000 points by the end of the pokemon segment instead of 16000. Forgot about that, It's been a year or so. Also, the secret code for the start screen is 'pascal' which randomizes the arrow directions.

The artists/composers on the audio track are Koji Kondo, Weird Al Yankovic, the Sailor Moon singers, and several random techno remixers who's MP3's weren't ID3 tagged when I pulled them off of Napster.

So, how high a ranking can you get?

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Fun game.
I still cannot unlock secret stage! :(
But from Lenoh comment I can assume that the secret song is "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba. Isn't it? :)

awesome pure genious

my only question..... WHERE THE HELL IS THIS KID NOW?!?!?! in the game he looks about thirteen and now this from 2002 and its 9 years later! this dudes gotta be in his twenties! oh and i love how it says the tracks were pulled from napstar...Back when it was illegal im guessing?


Wow, just wow this game was random and fun back then and it still remains like that to this very day 9 years later. Oh man the memories are coming back from the creator of the not so famous but still awesome as hell "Bucketmouse" This will always be one of my favorite classics on the site.

We miss you bro!

7 years later and this game is STILL epic...

i remember back in the day when i used to play this game allllllll the time on AlbinoBlackSheep (ABS)...and its still fun XD

This is me...

"Yeah Hi... I'm Dan... That picture is me, it was taken when I was a freshmen.

fuckin' bucketmouse! lol I didnt know you put m FUCKIN' FACE ON NEWGROUNDS..

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3.45 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2002
5:20 AM EST
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