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Miraculous Ladybug Fan Animation teaser

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This is a Fan animation about the Comic of Ladybug "With or without the mask"

Channel of YOUTUBE:

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Ok so this one was kind of fun I like how it had a twist in this one it was just very short the animation was actually very smooth and you had a good idea on this one with some amusing ideas and it went from simple to wild really fast and that was a pretty good addition so nice work and nice animation all the way around. Anyways keep up the good work

Really short try and make it longer


too dam short

And then she turns into a sexualized version of herself.

I really like the animation tho, it's very smooth and i wonder what happens next.

smooth animation., what software?

its apparently handout day.... kudos on good animation. but it was literally 26 seconds long. thats not enough time to invest anything. your also not releasing original content i went into your animations NONE of your work is original its upsetting. i want to see you come into your own. your gonna sit there and stagnate just making parodies.

PLEASE use your imagination.