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Cici The Cat Episode 1: Cici Makes A Flash

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Cici makes a sonic parody in Flash but Sonic disapproves of it.

This got 2 stars?! That is a shock


This animation lacks any sort of creativity and is an insult to any animator who actually tries on this website. The art is crude and the "animation" is non-existent. How about that for a fucking review?

Looks good but still can improve on them arts ;)

Dis good how good? real real good.

StaticSkull responds:

A message from the spam master
Papa bless

All I can say is... is this a joke?

You have "the best character on all of newgrounds" in the tags without getting audience approval, the animation is shit aside from their moving mouths, the actual "animation" that was the focus of the story wasn't even an animation at all, her foot is on Sonic's head at the end...

This is a joke, isn't it?

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StaticSkull responds:

yes lol

Character designs are between ok and good.
The moving mouths or the attempt at lipsyncing works. It makes the characters feel more alive and personable.

Its very fast and short (less than 30 seconds)

A tip, you don't have tell the viewer Cici has a sexy butt. Show it.
Let the audience decide.

Overall, its a decent start.

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1.74 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2017
8:26 PM EST