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Sonic Blast.

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Its here our channel intro sorry it took so long, but its here. I would like to give a special thanks to my buddies at new grounds that help make this. What inspired me to make this series is the videos under my inspired videos playlist. Check those people out they did a fantastic job on their videos. You may be wondering whats that, who that, is this going to actually gonna be a series, and did you make that. Yes to the last two, and sorry you'll have to figure that out in the series. There will be an preview coming up. When maybe by the end of 2017 January. By time you read this I hope other videos will be out. Till next time I'll see you later.

Special Thanks

Music Credits

One Piece OP 02 - Believe FUNimation English Dub, Sung by Meredith McCoy
Bubble Dance. Kenji Yamamoto

Credits sprites
Normal Sonic Sega
Fire Sonic Mark Haynes
Wind Sonic David Obasi
Super Sonic Sega
Normal Shadow Mark Haynes
Storm Shadow David Obasi
Ice Shadow sse626
Knuckles Sega
Custom Knuckles Ren Foxx, Arsenic, Neox, RoyMaster4 and CheDDar-X
Tails Sega
Amy Sega
cream Sega
Emerl Sega
Bean the dynamite duck Dan sidneys
Charmy the bee FroggyMudd
Eggman Zeus
Espio the Chameleon Zach "Zin" Furr
Orbot and Cubot Sakura236699S
Secret1 made by silver53
Secret 2 made by MC-Katanga, Shadowtails,DanielSidney,Nate the Hedgehog, ANFELxZero, Midochaoshedgehog,Rudolphtehechinda,and andy vader
Vector Cylent Nite,Fario,ToadKarter,RyukiTH,Xeric,TeamHedgehog,DemonFox, TomSonic
Aqua the Cat by Hyper_sonicxd
Speedy the hedgehog made by Daniel Sideny, Shadow333,Deekman,shadow_91, and Domenico edited by David Obasi
Metal Sonic SkSpAwN
Max the Hedgehog by mealex742

Big Thanks to
Sonic team

If you have seen one of yours or someones else sprites or music in this animation notify me at speedtiles.user@gmail.com and I'll add them in.
Created by SpeedTiles

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Nice intro! it's very anime-like and reminds me of the early days of newgrounds. 4/5