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Surviving A Bear Attack

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The chances of being killed by a bear while visiting the Yellowstone National park is 1 in 2.1 million. The good news is that it is not likely that you will be killed or attacked by a bear. However, for those unfortunate people with extremely bad luck, here is a video on how to avoid bear attacks.

Assuming a brown bear has not yet attacked and slapped you in the face, you should slowly and quietly begin backing away. If a black bear is about to attack you, well…then wipe those tears off your face and get ready to fight for your life.

Some myths and misconceptions:
1. Grizzly bears cannot climb trees? FALSE, both grizzly and black bears can climb trees.
2. Bears cannot run downhill because their front legs are shorter than its hind legs. FALSE, bears can outrun you no matter where you try to run, don’t believe us? Go run away from a bear downhill and see for yourself.

Music by: Schematist

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I've got some better advice; carry a loaded .45 with FMJ ammo.

Good animation but it should be renamed liberal psa for Surviving A Bear Attack. If your in bear country, carry a gun.

Curiosity180 responds:

Aha. We'll keep that in mind for next time.

Cute video and some good information....
Unfortunately, here's the hard part. It's not ALL good information, and the misfortune carries through with the ideal that people have used cute cartoons to illustrate what they hope to be great and helpful information or training for years and years (even nearly a century since animation was first invented)...
Now, before you bash me and decide I'm just hating, here's the main points to know. I've spent most of my life (like from a child through adulthood) living in bear-country. It' doesn't serve me any good at all to believe in nor spread bad advice or information of any kind about bears. They are very large, obscenely strong, intelligent, and dangerous! So... F Y I :
First, brown bears and black bears consistently interbreed and are genetically and biologically the same species. They're no more or less than each other. You don't have to believe me, it's a fact that can be readily researched in any zoology or biology class in any high school or college across the country (or in any book on the subject published through the latter half of the twentieth century.
Second, pretty much all healthy bears have a healthy and automatic fear of humans. Most of the time, making yourself obvious and visible, and shouting sternly (commanding tone) "No bear" will be enough to send a curious bear on his way away from you.
Now, the grizzly, easily identified by the 'hump' right at the shoulders and its highlighted reddish brown fur coloration (the "grizzle" look) is the largest bear of mainland North America. It could be added "...aside from the polar bear", but that would be superfluous. I doubt you'd mistake either of them for the other. Polar bears have their own set of issues, so that presents a whole new problem. Grizzlies tend to know they are the dominant predators and masters of their domains. You are certainly advised to shout and wave your hands (the "No Bear!" command) at first. It's just a little less likely to work with a grizzly.
Bear spray isn't a bad idea, but do be mindful that it's windy outdoors. The spray is formulated and the nozzles are designed to deliver a stream, but we can say the same about most water guns and you can see the results of that engineering when you shoot a watergun outside with wind. It is difficult to be sure you won't get involved in a little overspray, so beware of that. It's unpleasant, but NOT lethal. (which means it won't kill you either). It is surprisingly effective against bears (in spite of rumors and anecdotal tales to the contrary) since (like dogs) bears' noses and tastebuds are a couple hundred times as sensitive as yours or mine.
I also tend to carry a firearm when in the woods. I carry a combat modified shotgun with a folding stock (legal in my state, but check with local enforcement types BEFORE you shop). No, I have not shot a bear with the shotgun, though I've come across more than a dozen. The very loud sharp sound of a shotgun blast tends to save me money and bear spray and all the discomfort of both. In my pump action, I can keep several rounds at a time, so I only make sure the last couple rounds in (so they're the first two fired) are turkey or target loads (smaller shot with a lot of powder). After two shots in the air, I have lots of buckshot left to make a mess of Mr. Bear if he's that sure he wants to keep coming after me. Like I said before, I have yet to actually shoot a bear with the thing. They're ears are more sensitive than mine or yours, too, so it sucks much worse for Mr. Bear to be around a blasting-iron than it does for me. I chose the shotgun as my favorite for warning shots because the barrel is smooth and the shot is sub-sonic. For those who don't get ballistic physics, that means it's about as dangerous as throwing a handful of BB's about a hundred feet in the air by hand. They just fall. Most of the shot available these days is soft=iron (thanks EPA) so you won't have to run around with metal detectors and save the birds from lead poisoning either.
Yes, I also keep a can of bear-spray around. It's not a terrible idea and I haven't used it once. I've seen it used first hand, but that's a different tale. The monetary fact is, a shotgun shell will cost around a quarter (on the expensive end). I can afford a whole lot of those over a single can of bear spray (or pepper spray for the matter).
To avoid bears.... It's a great idea to wash hands after eating and be thorough about it. Bears can smell barbecue sauce and McD's even easier than blood (which can attract them from 20 miles away) KEEP YOUR FOOD IN SEALED CONTAINERS! That can not be stressed enough. You can even at a little bit of ammonia based window cleaner to your cooler to help destroy the aromas of food you keep in your car (works against dogs, too)... And if you happen to be spending days at a time in bear-country check into the bear-proof garbage containers. It's okay to toss papers and cardboard trash (mostly office supply stuff) into any half-assed container. Food related garbage and candy or pizza stuff should be secured so Mr. Bear don't start making a habit of coming around for rewards in the first place.
Okay, since I did point out a shortcoming for you, I thought I should offer what I do know will help. I also know there's a lot of really good information out there from real resources and you can continue to research and develop your work. I certainly hope that you do. This thing was cute and had the marks for pro' work. I'm not bashing you in the least, and I hope sometime down the road you even revisit this with some future episode... Best of luck and well wishes, and I hope this actually helps for what it's worth.
Take your time (whoever reads this thing) and think about it. Common sense can and will save your life. And that tip about making some noise instead of being a ninja (BTW) nearly genius presentation material. It's probably one of the greatest contributors (aside from head-stuck-in-phone or music box) to deaths of hikers and campers. Everyone should know it, and nearly no one actually says it.
So good work, needs a little to be truly great, but it's definitely good... Don't forget to breathe, laugh a little, relax and keep on keeping on...
Next (or some other) topic? How to survive giving your cat a bath... :)

Curiosity180 responds:

Thank you very much for this detailed review. We will definitely use it as a reference should we circle back to make another bear video!

Nice work! Keep it up!

Curiosity180 responds:

Will do! Thank you

A very informative video! Also love the cute art style, good animation, and the great voice for the content. Keep up the good work! :)

Curiosity180 responds:

We are glad the art style is something people are liking. Thank you!