Mad Rebellion 2

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Yoo, sup?
That's my upload for this year, I hope you enjoy it!


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Why do heck this is has 3.40 stars rating!? Seriously, art are cool, animation feels alive, cool music.
Well, I cant understand what this characters are saying (or this is from song?)
But the animation so cool I cant imagine why its 3.40, when it needs minimum 4.00
Edit: Dammit, even the first, more badly animated part have more good rating, what the heck

Alucard responds:

Thank you very much, man!
Keep in mind that Alucard is one of the most underrated animators that lives in NG.
Most of the staff on here only like comedy movies, that's why I'm always under the carpet hahahahhah

It definitely shows that a lot of care and detail went into the animation and art-design of this. Despite using the Madness Style (one of my personal favorites personally), it stands out among most others in technical terms. The only reason I'm not rating it any higher is because of the sound-design for this one.

I don't mind music being played during animations like this. But the song used was terrible, and I felt it detracted significantly from the overall quality of the animation. It was noisy and indecipherable as to what the Hell it was even supposed to be. Personally speaking, I like to be able to hear the sound effects like the gunfire or bullets tearing through concrete.

On a side note, is the Death Metal fan part of the rebels, or part of the army?

pretty cool work
I’m sure that only a few people can make something like this

Alucard responds:

Thanks friend,
I had a lot of work to make this frame by frame action!
I tried the best I could to give attention to detail :D
You can watch the first ones, they're old but it's a learning process right...
Thanks again, mate, all the best for yah!

the fbf (hand-drawn animation) parts are very cool,also,that's not bad!

omg my lordy that detail is epic great work!!!!!

Credits & Info

3.41 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2016
11:43 PM EST