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How to be a youtube animator

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The original video is at this link:


this link also tells what music I used from other people in its description


I've made an animation like this before and it was also inspired by the "welcome to" videos. I regretted making it because of my lack of effort and how I was copying the videos that inspired me. But when I look at this video I stop feeling like that. Considering that this was basically a slideshow, you could have put a little more effort into the art. You stuck really close to what this was based on. The beginning and end are both straight from jelloapocalypse's videos with minor tweaks. You also just listed the problems and didn't really make jokes of them.

KablooshProductions responds:

Why Would you call this a slide show. Jello did that for every single picture in photoshop. But did anyone care about that? NO! EVERYONE DIDN'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT IT! Plus, there's probrably a million videos out there that were exactly like jello's, everyone enjoys them, and no one cares about the art.

Plus, where's YOUR sense of humor. Btw, I wanted to get this video out as soon as I can because I had school and I wanted to get this video out as soon as possible, so that explains it.

seems a bit like a tamago2474 rip off but its ok.

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KablooshProductions responds:

It was like that video but a more helpful version for animators. People struggle more on animating more than gaming, so I kind of decided that I want to do that. Plus Tamago copied of Jello.


Whenever these types of "How to be a popular animator on Youtube / Newgrounds" videos are made (which are so stale, they might as well be a genre at this point), I expect some sort of harsh criticism of the animation scene as a whole.

None of your cynicism was valid, however, since you do the exact things you consider talentless. The video itself was practically a stick figure slideshow with memes, so you don't really come across remotely credible. Not only that, but the most popular animations on Youtube are in fact original content with a lot of talent behind them, nothing like you described.

I understand this animation is to be considered a simple joke and not actual guidelines, but I suggest in the future to not parrot cynical viewpoints until you actually understand where they come from.

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KablooshProductions responds:

First of all, Jello did the exact same thing you described with your comment. BUT WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THE ART OR HOW IT LOOKS LIKE A "SLIDESHOW"! All of Jello's characters were basically stick figures, all of it was ALSO a slide show, and some of his jokes were not that funny. So why would you complain about this video? There's a MILLION videos out there that did the exact same thing, and no one complains about anything, even the art. A guy named "Tamago2474" copied of Jello and everyone loved his video.

So where's YOUR sense of humor? I bet you can draw or make a SINGLE good joke.


this video is too perfect

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Dec 17, 2016
7:01 PM EST
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