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short project i have on the back burner.


You have developed an interesting style. For my two cents' worth... (Okay it might not even be worth that much-loz) I would quietly suggest you work to consider your style "animation" and ease away from the anime' archetype. You're clearly growing as an artist, but I think you'll find it liberating to move on for your own style. I see a lot of fan art around here, and rarely do I find as complete a blend from the bold outlining and stark contrasts common in comic-book styles mingling as well with the subtler use of details anime' at least tries to focus on. You seem to be putting the two visual styles together for something that (at least to me) feels new.... and anything NEW or DIFFERENT is definitely COOL!
A tip for biggest improvement with the least invested? Well... take a little more time (at least for now) on the details to smooth things out and clean up the visuals as you build. Remember while your at it, NO shortcuts. Don't rush just to finish something and that includes setting more realistic timelines in the case you're worried about meeting deadlines for fans. If you have projects ahead of you and deadlines looming on them, it's okay to close in on finishing the present list. You don't even have to rebel against the "anime label", but quietly work at catching yourself and just not using it. Newer projects (as you grow and get better) will start to need more time before a looming deadline, but there's a horrific trend in almost all the net-entertainment media to rush-rush-rush to keep up with the corporates. You'll only burn out. Real fans will understand as you make something truly remarkable, and you REALLY CAN.
Master Miyamoto Musashi says, "All things are difficult in the beginning." -So if you take the time to let yourself grow now, it will shorten as you get better at it. You will only grow better with it.

Most of all, I certainly hope this helps, and don't forget to breathe, relax, and keep on keeping on;)

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stormkill responds:

Thank you so much for your wonderful words.
This really means a lot to me. No one has ever said such kind words to me before. Thank you.

Not bad, Keep it up ;)

Nice set-up. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.

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Dec 15, 2016
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