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Sonic: Out of Juice

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Sort of based off the Saturday Morning Sonic cartoon with the freedom fights.This is a old audio file I had on my PC recorded years ago. Randomly bumped into it and thought why not.

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what did i just watch

Damn, this was fuckin' amazing.

What the fuck is wrong is sallys chest. She looks like a transformer.

kalabor106 responds:

Someone else said she looked like a man. With the broad shoulders Hehehe Was in a hurry to get this out and failed at getting the female anatomy right.

Creepy setting, off-putting graphics in a good way, and voice acting is great for making fun of the parodied media. God this reminds me of RamboJoe.


kalabor106 responds:

Its a long story with the name swap but originally I had the name Rambojoe and he had Kalabor but all my other stuff was Kalabor and his Rambojoe so we decided to swap the names here to prevent further confusion. As for the this Cartoon the Animation is sloppy. Never can find time to make them look nice.

The characters personalities from the old 90's show was spot on. The animation and video quality was really good but the character designs were a little weird looking. I liked the dark humor and the plot. It was funny and enjoyable.

kalabor106 responds:

Yeah the character design was running away. Some reason I couldn't stay to one type of style. Glad you seen past that and enjoyed it ;)