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Hey guys so this is our new Pilot , as promised we changed the characters designs , and the main story as well.
Twig is a 14 years old wizard boy who with he's Hot Dog friend are always looking for monsters to kill , so if you enjoyed the pilot just comment and support our work , a new episode coming soon :)

oh and yes , i know the lip sync is a little off , sorry :p

Intro jazz song : http://mp3goo.com/get/9-LQfDD6Qgb93YgQ1EoufscbVUz-iA2WEQ3E2SqzAHPCTPe9UNLDrqNdHDGtQxuEecFwsyx-HYIeJ7g73jbxCf1MKScerHlAN3kCyOwAAaMymkKr_EnXxH11Yig43Vs3ka0ylmf0CqZ5flioUwVcBTV9eVpzO5n1X0qWQU5vQo4/Global+-+Smooth+Jazz+-+instrumental.html

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Not bad, not bad at all. I enjoyed this much more than I enjoyed Larry and Benson for sure. I think as far as the comedy goes, it wasn't really my thing but it was far from cringe-inducingly unfunny. I feel like more could have happened overall, not much really happened in regards to the overall plot. It set up future events pretty well but I would have liked to see a bit more happen than the encounter with the tree. The lip syncing was pretty off and could use a lot of work, but I know you're aware by now so I'm not gonna go on about that. The backgrounds were the best part visually for me, there were some that were actually pretty good. I liked the title and end cards, the music gave a sort of relaxing AdultSwim bumper vibe and the visuals were nice on those. Overall it was alright and improvement is definitely shown, keep on doing stuff man.

An interesting mismatch / parody of One Piece, Adventure Time and that weird Adult Swim cartoon with the talking junk food. Started off good, but dragged all the way to the end.

The animation was really good, though the mouth animation could use a bit of improvement. Writing and humor were the strongest points for me. Well done.

The voice acting wasn't bad, but the voices could have had more variation.

Overall, quite good.

And it's "An Adventure". :p

MrHubba responds:

oh thanks dude :)

Awesome voice acting as always, Austin!
Vid was also pretty entertaining, got me hooked on the story and actually interested to see what's going to happen next, great job! :D

Well that was random. XD It was fun but... I think I liked the last one better. Not sure if it's the lack of conclusion in this one, or that they repeat similar puns (tree, man!) rather than re-inventing the whole purpose of dialog (as with the time travel thing), or if narratively it just feels a bit more rushed... but either way it was pretty entertaining! Whichever one of the scenarios you choose is bound to make for some pretty entertaining chains of events. The wandering through a forest is definitely a more innovative approach than the sitting-on-a-sofa too, if that was the reason for the change. Looking forward to however this turns out! And nicely voiced too!


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3.59 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2016
6:44 PM EST
Comedy - Original
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