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Lake Kraken Animator V.S. Animation Pt. 2

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I dont know how I keep getting into these situations but its a good thing I always have my Flashkick on me.

Tricks, Art, Concept : Dion Jones(Eggmanslim)


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4.5 / 5
I really like this original concept of mixing real life with animations, and the backflip was really cool. If the Kraken animation's framerate was higher, I would've given you solid 5/5. Keep making these animations, it has really much potential.


Eggmanslim responds:

Thanks, Im part of the Tricking community and i figured everyone goes for the hardest tricks but nobody tries to have fun with the fat that they can trick. so i decided to go about it this way! Hopefully it catches on and people really enjoy it! I was definitely trying to think of an original idea. so thank you so much for the feedback!

I'll be honest I was gonna give a 3 since it's pretty short but that back flip was SICK AS FUCK DUDE

I would've given you a 3/5 for that solid animation of the Kraken, but that perfect back flip gives you an extra rating point from me. Great job mate! Love seeing live action and animation blend together. :)

Eggmanslim responds:

Thank you, I made this with that in mind. That is me doing the backflip as well.. I wanted to do something in the world that i haven"t seen before, lots of people do Gymnastics and Tricking but not many have the ability to also animate so i plan on making lots of scenes where Im fighting off imagined bad guys that i create haha.. I think its so fun! Thanks so much for appreciating, the Kraken actually was around 80 drawings or so , so it also wasn't SO simple but yeah, Thanks again Mang!