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Baron- Greetings all. Nothing new to report except I've started work on a new Ressie 2 spoof. This one will be an animation of the entire Resident Evil 2 story from Leon's point of view. (For you die-hard fans It will be Leon's A mode. Later I will do Claire's story in B mode.)For the note so die hard fans I'll keep the jokes simple so everyone can enjoy it.
Any ideas that I can add, scenes, jokes etc. I'm open for suggestions.

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This was funny. But i have a message for all of the RE fans. Don't waste anyones time by complaining about the specifics. You're only being annoying. This was meant to be funny,and it was. So stop whining.

uh thats not how the g-irus got created...

it was created from a girl that was inplanted with both the prognator virus and a form of the t-virus and it got free when a guy injected himself with it still lololololol


when he said no one his eyes grow up i came laugh
hahaha make more


sssoooo funny! XD


sir?............what the?