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White Washed

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- WARNING this cartoon contains strong language! -

This is animated clip from the Legion of Skanks podcast.

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love this, saw it on youtube first


I need someone to explain to me the psychology on why anyone thinks racist jokes are funny. And, there some reviews that are praising this for being "non-pc humor". Why is humor that has to be at someone else's expense given such a label? And, why is it only given that label about race, when there are a lot of other flashes on here that have hyper-sexualized female humor?

To anyone that sees this the may be new here: This isn't all of us! There are a lot of different people on this site from all over the world and all types of lives, and we most of us would rather have this be a place where people don't feel objectified. There are millions-a-plenty of flashes that don't have objective humor, and many artist that work to make this place a good time for everyone! YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!

As for the flash itself: I've my point clear on the humor, but the animation isn't that great, either. I would call it "old skool storyboard" stiff. It doesn't look like as fluid as something that was made recently. That art style is ok, though.

SvenStoffels responds:

All humor is at someone else's expense. Also this short makes fun of both black AND white people, but I guess you didn't catch that.

This is actually pretty hilarious. Beautiful animation, too. Good job, yo.