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Pathfinder (With Friends)

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When the Sorcerer gets poisoned the rest of the party reflects on the dangers of having a low Constitution saving roll and rediscover the meaning of inner strength.

(An animation of an excerpt from a home-brew side quest during a Kingmaker campaign)

((I might make more of these))

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I love the idea (kinda reminds me of a podcast I used to listen to that was just a group of friends playing dnd), and the animation just positively toes the line of animated and too cartooney. Just really really wish that it was longer!

I haven't played in a while so this was good to hear ( I usually listen to Critical Hit) but this was way too short.

I'd recognize those Roll20 sound effects anywhere! This was a fun romp, though sliiightly traumatizing since my paladin almost died of Con Damage last session. Regardless, I enjoyed the animation, and I'd love to see more of these, get some peeks into your world. Those characters seemed interesting, even if Havel was a tad... familiar.

Samedeir responds:

Sorry for giving you Con Damage war flashbacks. Ha ha ;V

Yeah our robo cavalier Havel and sorcerer Logan were named after some well known characters from a very dark and soulful game. (Also Logan's in game token was literally Vivi from FF 9)

There are actually 3 more party members that were currently MIA in this particular recording.
So maybe you'll see some newer faces in future installments?
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I thiiiiink it lacked a decent punchline, but hey playing roleplaying games in roll20 is a plus for me cause bias.

Samedeir responds:

Yeh I get what your saying about lack of a punchline. This was more of a "testing the waters" personal project of mine that's been sitting in my files unfinished for months now, I really just wanted to finish it and see how people would respond. Thank you for watching and leaving a review! Hopefully if I get around to animating the rest of the recorded session I can make this feel more complete.

(Also heck yeah roll20)

i just dont get