Bar Rushmore: Booth Ache

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The four presidents of Mount Rushmore (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abe Lincoln) have decided to open a bar together. In this episode John Wilkes Booth shows up for a drink, and Abe does not trust him.

This is the pilot episode of Bar Rushmore. If you like it and want to see more, let me know in the comments! Also, let me know which historical figures you want to see in another episode.

I know this isn't 100% animation, but I did have to design/create everything by hand. I am sure I put it more work on this than most people do for their animated films on here.

View it on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/84MBqI0D-BU

BIG thanks to the guys that lent their talents to help me.

Director/Animator/Writer: Mike Diliberto
Writer: Andrew Saunders
Video/Audio Recording: Kyle Jeffery
Voice of Gdubs/TJ/Brits: Rafe Williams
Voice of Abe/Booth: Nate Miller
Voice of Teddy: Craig Hawksley

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That's really cool... A combination of foam-core bristol board stuff and animation. I've never seen that before.

I don't often pay much attention to sitcoms, save for the ones where a character has something substantial to say from time to time; you managed to achieve this, I think, because I giggled at the blatant irony/hypocrisy in what "Gdubs" said. MURRICUH!

I thoroughly enjoyed this, hope to see more

Mieshka responds:

Thank you! The more people that like it gives me more reason to make more. If you can share it with your friends I'd appreciate it!

This was simply brilliant, great writing, really good jokes (didn't made me lol irl, but it did make me smirk at more than one occasion haha :D) and simply awesome looking animation!
How you guys do it btw, like actual paper characters with digital faces I guess? :D

This could easily become a very popular series in my book, literally the only thing it's "missing" is TV size episode and you are ready to pitch it to adult swim!

Also in answer to Your request to mention what historical figures would be cool to see: more modern ones, the most controversial ones that come to mind like Hitler or Trump (no particular reason these two are next to each other - no really, they just struck me as controversial, that's it haha :D).

Tho personally I'd avoid going political with it, the way it was written now, as in no politics combined with breathing a lot of soul into each character and making fun of their personalities, rather than politics, made it simply great, and I'm pretty sure it would also work very well with more modern figures (great example of what I'm talking about in this vid: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/683904 )

And going the other way around, it would also be awesome to see some (more or less real) hysterical figures from way, waaay back, like king Arthur, Alexander the great or even Jesus. I mean, even imagining "Jesus walking into a bar with Abraham Lincoln" sounds funny haha :D

Anywho... that's probably the longest review I've left so far, and that's only because this vid was so damn impressive and has really huge potential in my opinion. I am honestly thinking this is a long lasting series material and wishing you best luck with making it big!

Mieshka responds:

Dang! That was a lot to read...but worth it! I appreciate the kind words. I'll give you a bunch to read too.

I made it by designing the characters, printing them out, putting that on foam board, cutting out the parts, using hot glue/screws/nuts/magnets to hold it all together so they were posable/swappable. Then filmed them on a set moving them in time with the animatic (with final voices), then animating the faces in flash, and tracking them on in After Effects. I wasn't planning on doing it this way when I wrote it/storyboarded so it has some weird cuts, but I think it gave it a more hand made look.

I like the idea of the kings of the past too. Thanks!

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Nov 15, 2016
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