Random short Fight scene

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This is an animation I did to see how I would have done a fight scene so I want to here from yea on how I did but. tho I am posting this because Before I do one in the knew style I want to see how you guys think on it when I did this in my old style. well hope you enjoy. this is a test after all. ^__^


The animation its self is what I enjoyed the most, it felt like the characters had weight to them in the animation, and the transition from one hit to the next was seamless, I also liked the use of color bringing the attention to the people rather then the background. It also feels like you know how to use the rule of thirds well. My criticisms lie in the camera work, it was a bit distracting but I could see the intent of making the hits feel harder which it was successful at.

Good potential for something greater!

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too much shaking, not enough anticipation and flow.

Keep going though.

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Lol, its like watching an oldschool kung fu film. You can close your eyes and hear the sound effects. 4 stars.

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Great stuff but the screen shaking made me nauseous haha

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InsaneAnimator responds:

I was trying to make the shake effect that I see in anime like the boondocks or cowboy bebop sorry about that. lucky this is just a testing ground thing.

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3.19 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2016
11:42 AM EST