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The Legend of LUST - Trailer

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The Legend of LUST official trailer is out!

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The graphics are really good. I like the timing of the music. The very muscular guy at the end looks very sexy. Can't wait to try it out.


Cheers!!! Thank you for such a positive review and great rating.
It will be out soon and we are looking forward to hear what you think about it.
Best ;)

Hm, can say: the voice-over didn't really do it for me.
Still, a pretty decent trailer. Maybe a bit much "oomph", considering what it's about but xD
(On a side note, should prolly not have had the music looping)

And heh, that's a lot of hyper dongs, and black hole vags xP
Anyhow, pretty well put together. Did like the shadow effects~


The voice over is the very first take, it is mainly aimed as a contributing factor to the hellish atmosphere more than anything else.

The theme, being Lust, which, in the classical view that we have been following (we have found after having done some research) is the relentless desire not just for sex but also for power, a powerful vision, music etc seemed appropriate.

The music loops 3 times before coming to a halt and leaving the final animation completely mute, we thought it would be cool to have the background music going on for a while longer with that final animation.

Well... the trailer features hell's circle of Lust, therefore, we though it would be appropriate that everything that is related to sex and power should be hyped up.

Glad you liked it, although it seems that you must have miss-clicked the rating as it is only a 2,5 star as if you didn't like the graphics, animations etc.

Anyhow, thanks for dropping by and taking the time to leave a review.

Effin Ablazin Amazin brozefs!!!


Cheers ;)

This looks awesome... but the voice is nearly unintelligible. Thank god- or in this case Stan!- for the subtitles.


Thanks Mushi,
we are glad to know that you like our work. the voice well yes... once the music kicks in... that is why we asked Satan to write it down for us so that we could put in the subtitles ^^
Eventually, as soon as we have extra time (currently very unlikely as we are under pressure to release the game), we will redo the voice over. That was the very 1st take.
Anyway, thx for the rating and comment.