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This was a group assignment in my class where we had to tell a narrative using only the environment. Since there wasn't much frame-by-frame going on, we mostly used Photoshop and After effects. Also, shoutout to Aluke1 for drawing those over-detailed scenes that only show up for 6 seconds.

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So once the human race has veered total anihliattion the earth heals? That's what I'm getting here, it sounds like that would make sense so... let's eradicate the entirety of the humanoids

I disagree with others. The vine animation is a random mess. The 'all the vines growing in a single day' is unrealistic. If you were going for the symbolism of day and night, it's poorly executed. The instant transition from the old time period to a sidewalk in the post-apocalypse time period is too random. It would have been better, for example, if you slowly zoomed out from the old scenery to the TV to the building and then to the sidewalk, if you catch my drift. Overall, this random mess with incoherent transitions makes for a weak narrative.

Great job, really had that noir feel. Only thing I would perhaps change is the neon signs, they get lost in the white lights of the building behind them. Other than that, really nice work man.

Great transitions, wonderful vine animations and really smooth sounds! Good job!

This is pretty good. You're good. Too good. Wow. By the way, I'm reading your username and my mind is fucked as to how to pronounce it. Tell me how it is pronounced.

Fantishow responds:

I never say it out loud, so I don't know if I could tell you.