ReZer: my little zombie

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Version 1.1 (more balance)

game about monster who have found love

thank the moderators for my game fell to the home page
and players for positive reviews)

we made corrections in the game
now the game is less hardcore,
and if you need a high complexity,
you can select it

thanks for playing)


Ah. I am here late. Nevermind all that. Little fun cute game, the artstyle is AMAZING and how zombies look is creative. The story was great, and the end... well, great game. Music is fantastic, like a feast for my ears. The gameplay is original, but the game itself gets boring. And I still enjoyed it. Can I have another try at the end? Please?


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Aaaaw. How cute. I love this game, the graphics are cute the story is good. AND I LIKE KILLIN ZOMBIES WHIT BIG KNIFES

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x-SemAn responds:

thank you, very nice to read such comments.
Inspiration comes after those words)

Tutorial is a little bit confusing - premise and art style is really cool.

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x-SemAn responds:

training is not very good - I agree
glad that you liked art
thanks for the comment )

Awesome game good story and graphics great work i just wunder what would have happened if you !SPOILERS! defeated the spike girl at the end ;-; i kinda got sad after the end

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x-SemAn responds:


Hey there. Another cute little game takes the front page on Newgrounds. This time it's small, snake-like style action game with a bit of rpg elements in the form of medals and upgrades, and an interesting love story. The game is pretty easy to understand and get into, but it does become a grind relatively quickly. Luckly there is an easy mode for those who(like me) are more interested in the story rather than the actual gameplay. That's about it... the game itself has nothing new or revolutionary, as for the story there were multiple spelling and grammar mistakes(I assume an automatic translator was used), which made it slightly more difficult to understand and enjoy.
I made a small let's play video of it right here: https://youtu.be/TBwDja6xC54 . Anyway it's a cute game, but it needs more polishing.

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x-SemAn responds:

I apologize that it was not so long answer,

I have decided to retire from game development for a short time,
since a little disappointed by the result

translation of the text in English language,
He engaged an expert in their field,
but it turned out that it is necessary to wait for surprises

thanks to your video, I realized:
- The game is tricky at the beginning of
- Training has a lot of text
- Not all the elements of training are clear player
- It was necessary to change the complexity OFFER after losing
- The fight itself should have been done much easier

thanks for the review)

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