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PokéShots: The Eevee

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My homage to the thing and other horrific mutation style animation!. Enjoy and Happy Halloween too!

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Scarier then peaceful in gd

the Yog-Sothoth of pokemons

I saw what you did there.....
And I'm not talking about The Thing.

Jolteon is my fav evee transformation.
This was overdrive though.
nice animation. Good work.

at first i thought, "poor eevee." then when courtney came along, i thought, "poor mutated eevee thing." little bugger didn't deserve that. (yet.)

anyway, nice animation. that is definitely some messed up Akira, Trapper-Keeper, next-level sheeeeeet. you hit the nail right on the head. monsters need some luv too though, ya know.