Valon Says a Thing

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Welcome to NewGrounds, Lamezork. I figured I needed some actual artistic feedback on my work, and seeming how Youtube fails to provide that, expect a few animations here from yours truly.

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Hope you find what you're looking for... And you probably will, though it may take a little deciphering to quite get at it all...

This is a good start, interesting premise, but it's way short of something I'd actually consider really feedback worthy. You clearly have the skill and patience to get fluid animation, stay on model, and sync the audio well. The gag was humorous, but a lengthier build of your opinion could not only add a few short gags and offer some fun review on the movie, but grow anticipation for when you hit the punchline like you mean to... Maybe target a three to five minute (maximum) runtime, and save the axe-gag for the finale... ?
[Turning to the camera] (add shadows and darken atmosphere "Psycho-look") - "okay... Okay... OKAY! I'll go to (famous hardware shop) and buy the (explitive) axe!" (don't forget extra huffing, add maybe breathing noises)
It's just a suggestion, but having blown about three minutes for an animated review of a movie I might not have seen in years, you have the opportunity to toy with my mind about certain things ubiquitously in the movie (or allegedly so), and then I'm going to go back and just have to watch the thing again. You don't even necessarily have to mention whether it's the original or the remake... (or did they actually remake it twice?)
Anyways, looking forward to more and I do hope you revisit this idea, whether or not you stick to The Shining... Don't forget to breathe and relax at least occasionally.

Jzork responds:

Thank you for your time!
I guess I should be careful what I wish for.
In truth, this was just to get something up on the site. It was a pre-recorded line done by another voice actor, so there wasn't much I could do in terms of lengthening it. It's good enough for youtube, but it looks like newgrounds is a whole different story. The feedback you gave, however, is exactly the reason I have come here. On youtube, I get zero dislikes and a comments section full of praise. Your three minutes of review time was not in vain, my friend. Hopefully interactions like this will be able to push me onward to making much longer videos.
Until then, I hope you might stick around. This video is only a stepping stone, I assure you. :)

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Oct 30, 2016
10:16 PM EDT