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Natural Born Suckers: Blue Fangs

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Youtube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caI2n484HJQ

Isa requires the blood of a virgin.

This is the first time I've shared the writing with someone other than Tristan. Isa and I wrote this back in June and I started it in mid-July. It was supposed to be released earlier, but I lost three weeks of work. Still managed to be on time, so at least I have that. I'm really pleased with the art in this one. The new backgrounds I'm trying work well with the improved character art. At least this is my biased opinion.

Regardless. I hope you bunch of NGers enjoy this bit. Took long enough.

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Things sure have changed since the first one. XD Started with violent and foreboding, knives and arrows and splatter all over...

This was fun too, same air of spontaneity as the newer, but I like how it's evolved since. Spontaneity with a bit less edge/a bit more sensibility. NG be changin'...


This is amazing I thoroughly enjoyed this

yea neat

credits for nice organ?

WooleyWorld responds:

All of the music was SilverPoyozo.

delivery is really boring
but i dig the narrative a lot

please do more

WooleyWorld responds:

Well hey. There's a sequel. Go gander.