Reviews for "Natural Born Suckers: Blue Fangs"

Your style is awesome and your characters look loose and fun to animate.
I love the dialog between you and Isywood, it's natural but the audio definitely needs some work. I hope there's more to come!

I kinda wish Isa's character was more frightening and mad due to her blood thirst. Like crawling up the walls or letting a demonic voice seep through her regal personality from time to time.

:D Good writing! I look forward to more of your collabs!

I was just thinking about making some pseudo 3D backgrounds in Flash the other day to get some depth into my cartoons, then you go on and master it! Damn it looks amazing!

WooleyWorld responds:

Hey Edgar! :D
Thanks, man. I really enjoyed writing it with her and we wrote a lot more stuff that I'd like to put in another episode. I agree that the audio needs work, but I'm glad you enjoyed the 3D-ish shots. Some people didn't like them but I liked them too much to cut them. Haha.
I think it would be funny to have a personality pop like that, I appreciate your suggestion.
Thanks for the review.

I look forward to your next piece. ;D

Wow, the backgrounds are gorgeous! I like the jokes and the premise is... certainly interesting xD Losing three weeks of work though sounds awful, but it still turned out well in the end ^^ I do agree with PurplePrawn on the moving perspective shots being a bit janky, but it's honestly not something I would have noticed if it hadn't been pointed out.

Well First off I must say this short is a tad different than what i'm used to, but several thing in this I did enjoy. First, the humor. One could say that the humor was dark with a fine taste, which is one of my favorite types. Next, the acting. I get what you were going for and it sounded fine, but in some areas it was quieter than usual. Lastly your role in the film. There is a story to that, im sure, and would love to see how that is expanded if a sequel is done for next Halloween. All in all I enjoyed this movie and I can't wait for the next.

WooleyWorld responds:

We wrote bits to more episodes, so I'd love to do more. I really enjoy this little world that I hardly got to show in this episode.
I appreciate the kinds words. I want to focus more on audio though, so I agree with you.
If people like this one, I'm very eager to make more. Regardless, I'll probably make more. Haha.

Perfect for Halloween!!!!!!!!

WooleyWorld responds:

I was trying to get the spirits up for Halloween, I'm glad it paid off.

fun and humorous