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Boruto Opening (Tengen Toppa)

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The follow up to the hit anime Naruto, Boruto shows the enthralling retelling of the movie Liar Liar. This is the exclusive first look at the OP for the Boruto anime.

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Well, this was pretty on point.

Naruto parodies aren't really my thing, but I thought I would give the video a try and I have to say, I didn't have that bad of a time. The animation isn't bad by any means, and I think after another project or two, you'll have improved greatly.

Gave me a chuckle here and there I will admit and I'm curios to see what kind of original content you could come up with, cause as fun as parodies are, sometimes you gotta get the ferbreeze out and freshen up that room.

Overall, almost there, but not quite yet. I think you have a good deal of potential to make something great up here on newgrounds. Lookin' forward to seeing how you're coming along!