tWHYnot: the Fivelation

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Shell is minding her own business when along comes a wild Rob! So if Rob's going to be crashing this party, why not make him watch a movie he despises? She has her work cut out for her, though, as Rob's not so easy to persuade.

Here we are with another episode of my untitled series about the ongoing 3D adventures of Rob and fam! The boys take 5 for this episode, but worry not, they'll return for episode 3. You'll notice a number of differences between this and the first episode, Meincrampft, as I updated not only the shaders but the entire animation system as well. I think you'll agree it's heading in the right direction.

So check it out and leave a comment! There's still more fun to be had for future installments. Hopefully.

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All these butt jokes tho...I can never let my boyfriend watch these; he will learn from your ways >:I

Bobert-Rob responds:

Haha, yeah, I'm deplorable, huh?

Made a lot of progress on the animation from the previous one, that's good to see. Keep it up :)

Bobert-Rob responds:

Thanks! Hope the improvements keep up. Of course, next episode probably won't see as big of an improvement as there was between 1 & 2, but I'm still working on it.

I think this was rather nice!
I dont really think the 3d was that bad like the other guys! i know its kinda hard working with so i respekt you continue!!!

I think the humor in this is great hahaha XD lol but it also tells us about how we waste our lives sitting inside just waching tv XD lol
but i think you made something pretty good here! the music thou can't say that is the best for the scenes, did you make it yourself?

well there is lots of good royalty free music out there just so you know.

Overall i think you did good! the reson for 4 stars is that i liked the humor, try a little more music but not the kind you used. some elevator music or something in the back ground would be nice ^_^ but good work keep it up!

Bobert-Rob responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed what you did! And the music being bad was intentional. At least for the TV scenes, as it was parodizing music used from the actual media in question. And it was all arranged by me, yeah. It served its purposes, I think.

I'm really happy to see you back to uploading stuff on Newgrounds, I think your 3D art needs work but I'm sure you'll get better with time.

Bobert-Rob responds:

As with all things. Everybody sucks a little starting something new. Thanks for watching!

Dude I gotta be brutally honest here this 3D animation looks like total shit. Seriously look at it it's a mess! Come on you gotta do better than that!

The good news is at least you still got your humor. And everything else was good but PLEASE god either get better at 3D animation or just go back to 2D. I perfer the former to be honest

Bobert-Rob responds:

I just don't have the time for 2d, even if it is overly tweened. Flash is a terrible program that I've had nothing but problems with. And yeah, my 3d work isn't perfect, but it's getting better I think. Thanks for watching anyway!

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Oct 21, 2016
9:12 PM EDT
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