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"Newspapers" by Zach Paulus

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A Harmontown Fan Animation

Animation by Zach Paulus
Audio from Harmontown, Episode 199

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Rob Schrab is a national treasure.

Pretty animation, shitty audio quality. I get that it's from this live show thing but geez. I didn't really think it was that funny either, and like was mentioned before there's not enough context. There was this guy just standing there in the beginning not really doing anything which made me a little confused. The animation was really good though.

zachpaulusart responds:

I get ya, that makes sense. I suppose in reality this short only appeals to the extremely small fan-base that has listened to this PARTICULAR episode of Harmontown (episode 199). Otherwise, I can see how there is little to no context of what is happening. Still, thanks for the critique!

It was okay. The whole movie lacked context, and you overused the studio audience laughter samples. The animation quality is pretty good, though, and you used irony and hyperbole well. Keep at it, man.

zachpaulusart responds:

Yeah, this is one of those shorts where if you are familiar with the source material (i.e. Harmontown) it would make a little more contextual sense. All the same, thanks for the kind words!

Not bad, but to many laughter clips
But yea anyways Keep it up ;)

zachpaulusart responds:

The audio was recorded in front of a live studio audience at Meltdown comics. Believe me, would have loved cleaner audio - but whaddaya gonna do?
Thank you, though! That means a lot! :)