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Virtual Bong

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Its a fairly easy game. I made it just so people could listen to a bong bubble where ever they were. It only took me 2-3 hours to make, but I think it is clean cut and well done. It was also a stepping stone to learning more advanced actionscript.

I have set the quality at Low because my computer isn't the greatest, and the gameplay was getting all messed up.

I know it isn't the appropriate amount of time for a real bong hit, but there wouldn't be much game play if it were that realistic.

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love the voice over that sounds when you score mor smoke = more high

Love the bong bubbles sound effects from this game!
Some quotes from this game I found:
"I'm So Wasted" - Spicoli
"Oh Gnarly" - Spicoli
"Chicks cannot hold hteir smoke, dat's what it is" - Breakfast club johnson
"You Gotta Hold It In Your Lungs Longer" - Adlernebel

what happened to the old virtual bong hit that you loaded the bong lit the lighter and watched the eyes turn red.

ahhh the old brown frown, that shit sucks ass, good thing i got myself the kind buds.

if i was hitting the bong the bar would be hard to fill up