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AubMcKenzie: Wim Hof Method

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Hi guys, :)

Havnt posted in a while because I was inspired to do a infographic on the Wim Hof Method, cold training. I hope you enjoy!

If youd like to follow me or just chat (I like friendly people) you can find me here:
twitter: @aubmckenzie
tumblr: aubmckenzie.tumblr.com
youtube: youtube.com/aubmckenzie

Music by Globuldub (awesome dude)

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i am very impressed with the animation, this was fun even though it was educative

Tapyoca responds:

Thanks for checking out my other stuff dude :)

Quite enlightening to say the least, I always support free practices that don't involve unnecessary additional items. I've seen animations like yours before though, but what matters is sending the message and you've been doing that efficiently, apart from what CultSyndicate said.
I'd better stick my life to this routine - it's all natural, just like our ancestor did it before
~We shall prosper through pain!~
Also cold shower is good for your hair, while hot shower is the opposite - it's soothing but it damns the man.
Other than that I have yet to find out how to dry your hair fast without the fan - maybe freezing them lol

Awesome job on this! I found this on /r/mealtimevideos on Reddit and was pleasantly surprised to see your NG username at the end.

Just wanted to leave a nice review and favourite! Keep up the awesome work.

Tapyoca responds:

Wow! This is weird! Ive listened to you on sleepycabin so its a little surreal having the person leave something hahaha. Love your work too btw!

Thank you, its very much appreciated :)

Super interesting and excecuted well! My only complaint is that there wasnt a recap. A lot of information about the method was thrown out while it was being explained and so the actual step by step got fuzzy

Tapyoca responds:

Thanks cult! :)
You are absolutely right. I got lost in the biology, it hi-jacked my process because I was in the middle of research when I was writing hahaha. Thanks for the critique, I will learn from it and improve. smiles :)