The Button on the Desk!

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Our character wakes up one morning to find a note left by her roommate, asking her to not push the button on the desk...but how long can she resist the temptation?

This was made for an Advanced 3D Animation course at Lyndon State College, starting way back in January of 2016! We debuted it at the Vermont Animation Festival last night, and we're happy to finally be able to share what we've been chipping away at for so long. Some of the students involved also have work available on their websites:

Luis D. (me!) - http://luisdasilva.net/
Danni F. - http://foleydanni.weebly.com/


This is a cute thing. :)

LDAF responds:

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Have a history, but the animation has problems, by sample, at walk, and the finger before at the coffee machine time.

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LDAF responds:

Thanks for the review! We definitely did have a few issues when animating; we learned a lot about making rigs, that was definitely the hardest thing by far. Thanks again for watching!

It was pretty good for a college project. Very cute indeed. I hope everybody involve continues to keep working hard and make something amazing in the near future! :)

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LDAF responds:

Thanks! We've already had 1 member of the team graduate last year, and most of the remaining members will be graduating this school year, so I'm sure they will!

Cute little story. The animation itself is pretty alright, thought there's a lot of clipping when it comes to cloth models and a lot of wood textures are scaled/squashed kind of funky which took me out of it for a little bit.

Also in your final render it looks like there's a very limited color range(which is common when using scanline renderers) because there are large splotches of single colors on the character model's highlights and it clearly isn't stylistically cell shaded because everything else on screen has smooth shadows.

Nonetheless I enjoyed it! :)
(Just wanted to point out areas for improvement)

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LDAF responds:

Thanks for the detailed critique! Making the movie was a massive learning experience in itself, so I appreciate seeing those little details being pointed out. Definitely something we'll be keeping in mind moving forward. Thanks again!


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LDAF responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!

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3.56 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2016
10:53 AM EDT
Comedy - Original