Orange Combat (Remake) ep.1

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Orange Combat finally got a remake version

Orange Combat characters is now the recolored Madness Characters with Cross face removed and cross face was replaced with Eyes and mouth

Those enemies will now close their eyes when they dies

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honestly entertaining even if its badly animated.

This series has potential, as well as inspiration, for sure. I certainly think so. I like it. I wish I could watch the first two original episodes though.


Well these are entertaining atleast, lots of orange men in this one, this one was all done in this one scene so I would suggest adding more "CONTENT" more detail and graphics polish, but honestly for the mostpart I found this to be ok and entertaining.

Polish more polish and even more polish oh and make these longer.



Don't think you needed the "It's time to Dance" text to explain the final scene. :) It's getting better though! The weapons do fly slow, but the action's getting smoother and smoother, better detail too (though could be better still). Keep it going!