The Worm

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My very first animation with dialogue. it was supposed to be a simple pencil test to learn animation and lip-syncing but then i went all out and inked,colored and banjo'd things up. enjoy.


I liked it. Just me, but I think it would have been funnier without the whole tired 'your mom' joke at the end. The worm awkwardly and derpily making small talk was pretty amusing.

studiodenny responds:

Thanks, it was just meant as a test so i could learn to animate something simple to dialogue and have a "finished" cartoon short.

Pretty good, especially if you are still just learning! The worm voice was funny, and the lip syncing was good. If I were to nitpick, I'd say it could have been smoother.

If this is what you call practice, I'm excited to see the real stuff in the future!

studiodenny responds:

thank you. ya i had a good time with the dialogue, i just talked into my phone and altered the recording with an app. I know what you mean by "smoother", the mouth movements need inbetweens, at least 1 i think would help a lot, you see the same problem in the early episodes of south park. I also found with my first 2 cartoons is that i need to learn how to do more than 1 action at a time, so having my guy move around and talk at the same time and/or blink etc. one day.

this seems like a pretty good callback to the days of 1930s cartoons not to mention that is cartoon is short and sweet to the point. 4/5

studiodenny responds:

Thanks donno my man! ya im loving doing the 30s style so far with my cartoons. im doing a lot of copying right now to help me improve so my next cartoon will be more on point. Thanks for the stars, its great to see people not just liking my work but taking the time to review it and rate it, its good feedback.

Thought for sure that somewhere along the way a bird would swoop down and eat 'im, but it turned into a pretty harmless convo between these joyously wormy little critters instead! Fun little short. Really random. I like the oldskool cartoon style too. And at the end... he wriggles out of the earth instead of back into it? Weird worms. :P


studiodenny responds:

hey, thanks for the review and compliments. ya i did this like 5 or so months ago, before i did my little bastards cartoon. It was all just meant as a test to learn animation, so i picked something simple to and rolled with it. i learned a bunch too which was the goal

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Oct 8, 2016
2:50 PM EDT