Animated Teaser 07: im late

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Few scenes i did for the "Manga Book" anime teaser that i'm working on, finally i can put some shots in-order, things starts to make sense now :D

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Website: http://ibrabdo.com

Vimo: https://vimeo.com/user46084683


Seriously impressive! It's been fun seeing the updates in the Flash Holes FB group.

My two suggestions would be:

-The train looks too 3D. Try and find a way to blend it in more naturally with the background
- In general, I'm sure these clips take a long long time, but I would say waiting till you have the bulk of it ready to go gives it more punch when you release it.

Seriously, though. Super, super impressive. How long do these shots take?

ibrabdo responds:

thx man, all backgrounds will be painted and the characters cleaned-up and got shadow and highlight, the 3d scene will have painted textures and have a heavily VFX in after effects to have the 2D feelings that the 2d painted backgrounds have (or at least that s the plan), it is taking a long time and even longer for finalizing one shot, and i really appreciate ur advise of releasing a bigger and longer parts at once, which u r right about that, but since im doing the whole thing alone and in my free time with a fulltime job plus freelancing so the production time will take even longer, and that why im just releasing them as an updates and it will be cool the have people following the project process if there is any.

Very Nice :3

ibrabdo responds:

thx :)

For a short video this was pretty great! Love the detail on everything. Not bad!

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ibrabdo responds:

thx :)

Hey guy i saw your movie.

ibrabdo responds:

cool :)

Looks awesome, that drawings x 3d animation is pretty darn impressive, not to mention your drawing style is so professional and animation so fluid! :D

You're working on it alone or got some team? (looks like at least few people would have to do it : O)

superb teaser!

ibrabdo responds:

thx :) i'm working alone on it in my free time, still a lot of work to do from background painting to clean-ups coloring not to mention compositing and VFX, its a long way to go, but it feels good :D learning along the way a lot a new things

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Oct 4, 2016
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