Pop Nebula Dreamer Level 5

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Pop Nebula Dreamer: Level 5

Let's play Conquest: The origin story of Vallow's reign begins with his return to starpom. Can Roland protect dark nebula from his wrath?

"Pop Nebula Dreamer"
Pop nebula dreamer is a pixel animated comedy adventure. The show fallows 3 hamster bunnies as they go on adventures on the island of Starpom. But their home is ruled by Vallow, the final boss.

A huge thank you to Ken Snyder a.k.a Coda for allowing me to use his awesome music in this episode! : ) Here is his band camp to see more of his work. http://bc.s3m.us

Music info:

Royalty free music from 8bitcollective, and Ken Snyder a.k.a Coda .
intro: Youdo - cupcake song
Coda - Through the Atmosphere
Coda - impulse wave
tssf - Megaman Medley
Jredd - cosmic crush
Shnabubula - Super Mario Bros. 3
Koal kid - spaceman
mmcm - Fruit Fantasy
SeanBad - chip anthem

Created by: Coda Van Norman
Voice cast
Brent Rynders - Vallow
Mel Gorsha - Marble
Haley Jay - Red and Blue Fairy
Haley Jay - Erutan
Haley Jay - Dark Mana
Oppipanda - Mana

Lyrics by Haley Jay

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You have some really amazing pixel/sprite work but there's not much substance to the story. It's not compelling and a bit blatant.

Stuff like(not exactly what you did but how it comes across):
"I"mmmmmmm singing about character development, because I am a character"
"I'm really upset right now so now I guess I just won't be and do something else?"
"I'm in trouble so I should transform, *transforms* woah! Who expected that!?"

I'm not trying to sound mean, I just need to make sure what I'm saying is exaggerated enough that you understand my point. I also point this out because the entire feel of the toon comes off as serious with humor sprinkled in(not a total comedy) so when these type of lines happen the viewer is supposed to take it seriously but can't.

PopNebulaDreamer responds:

I'm glad you like the animation. Episode 5 turned a bit dark because Vallow is shown as the main character. That's why I wanted to open with the Mana twins song to counteract the dark element Vallow brought to the show.

There's actually quite a bit of story I wasn't able to add because I ran out of time animating this one, but thank you for the review! : )

So all of this was animated? In that case, this is one of the best looking sprite animations I have seen in a long time. I adore everything about this! Love the animation, sprite work, the color scheme, the character designs, voices, music, etc. One of my next favorites. Keep up the amazing work! :)

PopNebulaDreamer responds:

Oh my gosh! Thank you!! I'm so happy to hear that! ^ ^

And yes, everything's animated frame by frame. Actually a funny story about the close up animations in episode 5 is because one of the voice actor's mentioned that the show looked too much like a video game. Then I was all like "I shall fix this!"

Credits & Info

3.62 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2016
1:53 AM EDT
Comedy - Original