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Give Me The Business!

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Short improvisation animated entirely in Photoshop.

Animated by Paul Manson (Cruddyhands)

Johnson - Colin Partington
Boss/Anchor - Paul Manson (Cruddyhands)
Steven - Aaron McCarthy (Blasphemer)

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I absolutely loved that. the part where they're just talking about business. "yeah, take my files"

Cruddyhands responds:

Thanks dude!

Really dug the humour and voice acting. Kinda had a Rick and Morty rhythm to it.

Once the animation has a bit more in it. It'll be great!

Keep up the good work

Cruddyhands responds:

Thanks, I plan on it!

This was EXTREMELY entertaining! I wan.... no i NEED MOOORE!!!

Cruddyhands responds:

Aha thanks friend! I plan to upload more regularly, but I tend to experiment so we'll see what I end up doing!

this is excellent. For those of you who like this and don't know about "Nutri grain feel great", you should watch that. This flash is the only thing I have ever seen that was similar to "Nutri grain feel great", which was a parody ad.

That's Biznus... SO MUCH BIZNUS!!!!