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Bean, potato and jelly #1

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Best voice actor you have ever heard right? This is the first video of a series I'm going to make. It will include these two characters (Bean and Pink) and another one called Tato (who is a potato).
Tell me what you think about it.

My youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvzMXL1fCpNAvkXAMfD8Yvw

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Good work on this one.

You are a good voice actor, this is pretty fun idea.

good movie, its very funny!

the characters were cute, with nice, smooth face expressions (like emoticons, if you ask me!), with cool movements, and with funny punchlines too.
the voice-acting was good, and the only problem was that the voice-acting sound was TOO low/too quiet...
it should be (slightly) louder, imho.

i liked how potato asked for help, and pink was all like ''its OK, hold my hands and you will be fine!''
and he said: ''but.. you dont have hands!''
to which she replied: ''yeah, but im allowed to dream, right?''
hahaha! that ending was gold...

this seems like a very promising start, of a good+funny series...
i would like to see more stuff like this...
keep it up! its funny.

I recommend looking for a female voice actor to help lend a hand for Pink. And I also recommend getting Audacity to help remove the background noise in your lines. It's free so it should be no problem to get. But besides the audio, everything is pretty decent. The animation, artwork, and color scheme are all legit. Just keep on improving, and I think we will have a great series here. Good luck!