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REALM: Fraternization

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Since Yeelon retaliated, and was not defeated, Kelzad's task remains unfinished. Zalmamdar has made a new weapon that Kelzad shall use to wipe out Yeelon and his demonic minions.

The Nexus group broke off from the A.A.H.W, resulting in the agency's death, and they fraternized, to go on a mission to save the High from the Employers. Zalmamdar is now the leader of the remaining few.


But seriously, guys, thanks for supporting me over the last couple of years with me and my group's successful YouTube channel. Though I'll take a break from animating, there will still be an incident coming up this christmas.
Anyway, happy Madness Day!

As usual, thanks to Clatform for making the Newgrounds tank intro.

YouTube version: https://youtu.be/Tge6Czag_kg

(18120 frames, 10 min 48 secs)

Background story: http://kelzad.newgrounds.com/news/post/907584

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love it

another nice animation

I'm hoping I'm giving you the highest rating I can. I love your animation. The battle scenes were great! Awesome fortress and world you've created!

That's really great work! I liked this work very much, continue doing these movies.

OMFG I love your body dismember and bloody slices!!