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samurai girl, Dru, goes to find a place to rest but has to deal with a small gang.


Amazing. Fight scenes were epic. Work on the voice acting during the part where "the girl was running in that dark place". I think what you tried to do was make it sound distant but you also made it just a little *too* quiet. More facial expressions would be good.

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very charming, nice work dude

Not bad. The animation got the job done, but as another one here pointed out, the plot was difficult to follow. Since I didn't know anyone, or why they were fighting, I didn't know who to root for, and made it harder to invest in the fight. For example: only from reading the description did I know the redhead was named Dru.

I feel if more time was used to explain the characters and context more, this would have had a greater impact.

Still a nice effort overall.

A little crude, but I admire the art quite a bit! The voice acting could have used a little more mastering (couldnt hear it well at times.) Hope to see great things coming from you!

Really liked the originality. Couldn't follow the plot though. Try to give the protagonist more facial expressions, these help a lot in defining the character. Unfortunately, the video seemed stretched at the upper and lower end in the beginning, making the characters seem funny instead of serious.
Couldn't understand who the antagonist(s) were until i read your description. The graphics were good, the voice-overs were far better. Your doing a great job.

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3.49 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2016
11:10 PM EDT