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Pokemon Daycare (Parody)

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Oh my , poor skitty

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poor skitty I wish I had one I gave a low score of 3.5

It made an egg by screwing everything in the pond??

Joke needs focus, what is it I am supposed to be laughing at?

I recommend.

GingerPale responds:

This joke reaches out to Pokémon fans. The old joke is the fact skitty (A small cat) is able to have eggs with wailord, the largest Pokémon. Once again these animations are for my own practice. I appreciate your feedback.

I think the animation quality could still use some slight improvements, but it's still decent enough to get the job done.

This should probably be rated T though, because of the nudity and implied sex.

I like the creator's potential so far, but I'm getting the impression they're still figuring out what their comedic style is. Exaggerated animations? Overly dramatic reactions/expressions? Poking fun at video game logic? Or even clean, sitcom-like comedy. I feel the creator needs to better define his comedic style, so that way, it's clearer to the audience what it is, and he'll have improved jokes.

I mostly didn't laugh too much because it was a little easy to predict the joke. Either there was going to be some weird breeding, or the pokemon was going to be huge and cause problems. There needs to be a bit more creativity, so he can surprise us with what the joke is, and how he delivers it.

Overall, still a nice animation, and I got a good chuckle at the end. My best advice for the creator, would be to experiment with some storyboard ideas for skits. Experiment with different comedic styles, and explore not only what he personally finds really funny, but how he distinctively expresses that.

GingerPale responds:

Thanks a bunch, this pretty accurately describes how i feel about myself. I haven't produced enough animation content to develop my own unique style, it's most likely a cluster of influences mixed with some of my own stuff. I agree i often lack story though haha, im not a writer, but i still want to create my own things.
Although predictable i just wanted to put the old skitty/wailord meme into a little animation. It got the point across, but id like to get better at more frame by frame, which im working on in my new kirby animation. I might put up my lazy Ditto filler animation on NG too, i mainly had been posting to Youtube this past year though! If you want to be more updated i recommend checking that out too.
Thanks a bunch screen :D very helpful insight.

Awesome, dude!