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10 2 Sentence Horror Stories

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I made this at the beginning of the year for two youtubers named LetsRead! and Eden. Somebody from Newgrounds contacted me and insisted I upload it here for the Halloween thing. So, here you go.

and yes i know about the typo at the ending credits.

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Probably the best at horror on this site. 10/10 would get scared again.

As much as scary and amazing this animation is, i have to simply say this: The art style is kinda...i don't know the word i could use to describe it, the thing is that it's like hit and miss, sometimes is good, sometimes it isn't, still i found it creepy and i love it

the last one..is f#ck up..

When I first saw this it felt kinda meh, but after watching more of it I felt pretty uneasy. It hits that whole uncanny valley pretty well.

Wow, legitimately terrifying. Although I kept getting distracted by how sexy the narrator's voice is. But yeah, that was spooky! And the animation really made it!