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Sam returns home from work and receives an eerie, unwelcome encounter with a stranger.
Animation: JComX


Title card: Kirsten Flowers

Music: SpeciBat


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Fantastically creepy! I searched the flash portal for some "eerie" movies and I was not disappointed with what I found!

I loved the contrast between the "cartoony" style and the eerie suspense that came with it. Excellent choice of sound effects and animation.

It was short, straight to the point and successfully managed to creep me out. I would really like if you made shorter movies like this in a similar fashion, since you clearly know how to deliver it! Great job :)

JComX responds:

Thank you so much! I'm working on some other animations right now, but I already have planned out my next creepy animation in this same vein. I have the concept and idea all planned out! I just need the time. X3 Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback! It is really motivating!

*Incoherent screaming*

This is SO good. I am a fan of horror/scary movies and this had me like "eeee-oh shit!" the whole time. It made me want to laugh but, at the same time I was gripping my blanket so tight. As "TheFabs" said, I also thought it might be more of a silly thing but, was very pleased that it wasn't.

I love that you aren't sure if this creepy being is friendly or has dark intentions. His face, of course, a misleading factor.

The reaction of the main character when he met the being was perfect and very relatable. It's hard to know what to do when someone seems to be acting friendly but, looks evil. The speechlessness was a believable touch.

Excellent work!
Side note...
Seeing a part two or more adventures of this being would definitely have my attention!

JComX responds:

Ah man, thanks for your kind words. :) and I'm really glad you liked it. I didnt even consider that people were going to expect a joke at the end. Haha but I kind of like that because as you said it can add more to the whole idea that you don't know what the intentions of the thing are. I'm definitely planning on doing more horror shorts in the future. ^_^

Great work! I liked the homage to Skitzo as well!

JComX responds:

Thanks! haha Yeah, Skitzo is an awesome cartoon series.

Holy hell this came out fantastic
And I absolutely LOVE how you drew my avatar!

JComX responds:

haha oh good! I was hoping you would like it. I liked drawing it. :)

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3.72 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2016
2:07 PM EDT