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The mental condition of the protagonist near the end somehow resembles the man in Christopher Nolan's Doodlebug(1997). Nice job building up the suspense in 2 minutes!

This is how you make a scary movie! The build was great and in the end not everything was revealed. I showed this to a few friends and this is our favorite among the scary entries this year. Top notch stuff!

Wow! First of all, that scratching was giving me some major ASMR. I'm a freak. Anyway.
This FBF was great, especially for the time crunch. The art style was very appealing, and the colors and textures were nice to look at. You built up some great suspense here. You didn't just jump straight to the 'spook', you featured multiple attempts at stopping the scratching, building up the tension. Also, this was very relatable for me, because I USED TO HAVE MICE THAT SCRATCHED LIKE THAT. Drove me crazy. Anyway, I also really appreciated the lack of a jump scare. I witnessed what the scratching was after a nice buildup, you let it just soak in, with all its simplicity. Respect. So, nice job, dude!

AntonM responds:

Thanks for the praise, Fabs! Really appreciate it

I wasn't really sure what to expect from this one, but damn if it didn't deliver. The set up reminds me of H.P. Lovecraft's "The Rats in the Walls", but with enough of a spin to make it unique. The payoff at the end was perfect, just like one would expect from a ghost story, and the animation was really nice. I also liked the build up of the soundtrack towards the end immediately before its sudden cut-off. Overall, I loved it

AntonM responds:

Hey thanks! I'll have to check out that Lovecraft story

Dude that was really good. Hats off to you!

AntonM responds: