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Tale of Two Tasters

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I'm so happy that Crash Bandicoot is back in Skylanders Imaginators as well as having his first three games remastered for next year. Here is my animation to celebrate both Spyro and Crash's 18th and 20th birthdays (anniversaries of their first games).

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My Thoughts on the Movie


1. Style. Style is somewhat Confusing, i can't tell if it is supposed to be Cartoony or a sort of fat-lined (using heavy line and LOTS of color space to pop a image when moving) animation but its ok to say the least.

2. The Presentation. Its Short and Simple and to the point. Spyro and Crash are having a Tasting Contest. Spyro Chooses Hard because of a complex Taste Palette and Crash Chooses Easy because of his easy going diet. it Goes on until the Wompa Fruit Cake. Which Crash Wins. Simple. Sweet. and To the Point.

3. Music. Music is Ok. wish to know where it came from. besides from the internet. which is obvious, and it works well with the animation

In total: 4* imo Its good and well thought out animation can be posted but not frontpaged. (sorry if i broke your hopes ;3;)

Pure game show gold.

good job 4 stars :)

really nice, well-drawn and smoothly animated movie... this is a nice tribute to spyro the dragon, and to crash bandicoot, two v-game characters that i always liked, (especially crash bandicoot, he is my favorite v-game character!!), so its really cool to see them in a flash movie.
the movie was nicely drawn, with good drawings of the main characters, (both spyro and crash were nicely animated, and drawn with some very good details), they had good face expressions, and the whole movie was very fluid, nicely animated and funny, with a cool story going on.

also, all the other characters were nicely drawn as well, and the voice-acting was perfect.
this movie felt a bit like the old classic(?) cartoons of the 80's, back when videogame characters first appeared in cartoon shows...

in conclusion, this is a very good tribute to spyro+crash, with cool humour, a good story, and with nice voice-acting.
awesome work, keep it up, and do more stuff like this!
you rock!

It ain't bad, and it ain't good either. All I can say it's so-so. Nice try, though.